Bandung, Indonesia (II)

13th December 2012

We woke up pretty early. Was still curled up in bed wondering what time subuh was until we heard the azan loud and clear. Yeap, several mosques around our hotel so the azan can be heard called out a couple of times. They dont do it synonymous. Couple of hours later, we head down to the lobby cafe for breakfast. Food was ok. Normal hotel fare with the usual selection of Western and Asian breakfast.

Met Epi, our guide at the lobby as promised. He looked rather young. We had an entire 7 seater Innova to ourselves. Yahoo! Hubb sat right up in front with Epi. So they engaged in small talk while we drove out of Bandung city to Tangkuban Prahu. The thing about my husband is, he makes friends so easily, with anyone and anybody. He had asked Epi if he can smoke in the vehicle and Epi asked if he could too. (org tanya dia, dia tanya kita balek! haha) Found out he was born in 1990. I told him, I have been to Bandung even before he was born! LOL.

The 3 of us was engaged in really good happy banter about Bandung and Indonesia in general. Then we started going up a winding road where the fog thickened and i rolled down the windows to breathe in the cold air. We have arrived. Hubb was excited. We’ve only been to hot humid places. We havent even been to Genting or Cameron! The coldest is prolly that stormy night on the 45th floor of our room in MBS! LOL.

Tangkuban Prahu. Nothing there reminded me of that same T.P I went when I was a kid. Except the low brown wooden railings. And then I thought of late dad. 😦




Epi stayed behind where all the tourists vehicles we parked and let us explore the place on our own. We went up and down the row of shops. Offered 2 rakaats at the musolla there. Very clean and water VERY COLD! The view on top was breath-taking. It was amazing lah. The atmosphere werent too cold la. Like your aircon turned down to maybe 16deg or sumth. We were snap-happy for a bit and bought some souvenirs. (NOT CHEAP). After about 90mins, we returned to Epi who brought us to Sari Ater Hotspring Resort.

I remembered wading around in ankle-deep hot volcanic water when i was little. Way into the mountains. Very rustic environment and very fun. But since then, the whole place underwent a huge re-developement and it was rustic no more. There were hot pools for visitors to soak in, a proper toilet, restaurants and stuff. It was a proper resort lah. Modern. But hubb and I managed to wade through a little hot water and walked around the resort. Managed to do zuhur prayers at the musolla there too. (Bagus, banyak attractions pat Bandung ni ada musolla. So takya takut tertinggal waktu, ye)


After that, Epi knows we were famished. So he drove for another hour or so to Kampung Daun for lunch. I love it here! Very nice ambience. Instead of just a great big place with tables and chairs, guests get to sit cross-legged in little huts to enjoy their meal. We’ve got a hut by a little waterfall, so that made this experience a little sweeter. Epi didnt sit with us. I think all the tour guides has their own meals accomodated for. It began to rain while were enjoying the food. LAGI SYIOK! Although the food wasnt that fantastic, it was decent la.



After about 2 hours there, we did asar at the musolla there and went back into Bandung town for some shopping. The drive back felt really long. I mustve fallen asleep. Hubb ceased talking to Epi too. KO liao. hahha… It was getting dark by the time we reached our first shopping stop, Rumah Mode. Most famous with the ladies. I met a friend there with her family. Her mother in law told me theyre almost bankrupt! In jest, of course. hehe. The place was pretty and quite sizable. So many people! (Noted: Sgians and Msians) Hubb and I went our separate ways and met up finally after an hour at the cashier. Even hubb picked up a few pieces for himself! Both of us spent about SGD150 there in total, mostly on clothes. Then Epi brought us to a few other factory outlets and we did a little bit more shopping and eventually reached Novotel at about 10pm.

Parting with Epi was quite emo lah. In the whole day we spent with him, theres a little kinda bond. He treated us like his own brother and sister and so did we. He was funny and kind. Wished him all the best and I hope he earns enough to open his own tour company.

Part 3 soon. 🙂


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