Lake Toba, Medan Indonesia (III)

The next morning, we checked out with a really heavy heart. We decided to skip breakfast because the food suck in the hotel. Really. We just spent a little more time walking around the villa and taking in as much as the view of Lake Toba as we could before we were picked up at around 11.

Before we take the ferry back to Parapat, we were brought to the Stone Chairs in Siallagan. Interesting piece of history here. All the kings will gather and decide on the fate of a caught criminal.








Then we proceeded to the ferry to have brunch before we board the ferry back to parapat. The plan is to head up to Berastagi and see the infamous Sipiso-piso waterfall. When we arrived, the ferry had left and the next one was in 2.5hrs. Thats the problem with the ferry schedule in Toba. The timings on the boards are NEVER accurate! So after some calculations, Ramses said that there would be only time to get to Berastagi and that we’ll never have time for Sipiso-piso if we were to reach Medan city by dinner. Hubb didnt mind not seeing the waterfall and we still need to wait  for the next ferry anyway. Haiz… I really wanted to see the waterfall. Another time perhaps. 😦

Eventually we boarded the ferry back to Parapat.





I already miss Lake Toba. Big time. Anyway, after what seems like hours, we reached Berastagi. The coldest area in Medan. We went to have brunch at this place where theres rows and rows of cafes (Indonesian style… rickety wooden eating houses) where we could just sit and admire the view and enjoy a bowl of hot soupy indomie in the cold (i reckon its between 14 to 16deg). We werent hungry yet so we just had jagung bakar. Not the best that ive had, but it was yummy.





Ramses was right in telling me to forgo the stay in Berastagi. Apart from the weather, theres nothing else to do here. And to think the hotel that i booked prior to the trip was the most expensive among the 3. After about an hour here, we began our long long long long long long long trip back to Medan city. We knew we’ve left Toba and Berastagi when the temperature crept back and the air became dusty and the roads became jammed with 239574827439million vehicles.

By the time we walked into Grand Swiss-Belham, it was 8.30pm and all I want to do was get under the shower and sleep. But our tummy was rumbling and Ramses and Torang had left for their accommodation somewhere else. So hubb and i left our luggage and instructed the bellboy to take em up to our room. And we walked down to the next shopping mall, 15mins walk away. The Sun Plaza. Although our hotel is linked to the Cambridge Mall, we felt the need to flex our legs a bit after so many hours in the car. Even my butt hurts.

The roads in Medan reminded me of the roads in Bangkok. But dirtier and dustier and sleazier looking. We reached Sun Plaza which is essentially a modern shopping complex found anwhere in any modern city. We queued for donuts from J.Cos and bought some burgers from Texas Chicken. We’ve had enough of rice and seafood, thank you. haha…

On our way back, I saw the popular Muslim women wear boutique, Dian Pelangi very near our hotel. It was already closed so I made a mental note to return the next day. Ramses had arranged to pick hubby at 10pm to hang out with some of his modern local friends over some food and drinks (theyve gotten really close these past few days). Again, I declined because i am oh-so-tired.

When I opened the door to our room, it took me all of my remaining strength not to scream, I AM BACK TO CIVILISATION!!! Proper king-sized bed, full length windows, which from our room on the 21st floor, provided a good view of Medan City,  a proper decent bathroom with a clean bath tub and working heaters with strong pressure showers and a bidette connected to the toilet bowl and first class toilet amenities!!! (gives u an idea how bad it was in the villa on Samosir). The aircon was strong and cold AND WE HAVE WI-FI. YAHOOOOOO~!

So after we had dinner, hubb washed up and left to meet Ramses and friends while I soaked in hot water with bubbles in the bath tub while connected to FB, instagram and twitter and whatsapp saying hi to all my friends and uploading some pics and basically do what i normally do. Got a good rinse under the shower, ate some donuts, had some hot drinks and flopped myself on the bed. Oh! They have CABLE TV so i ended up watching HBO and falling asleep. The last I remembered was hubb returning back to our room, as if in a dream, and asking me what the wi-fi password was. haha…

Medan city is not the place I would recommend anyone to go. Unfortunately, to get to other places in Sumatra, it is one of the places you have to either stopover, pass by or stay for at least 1 night.

Stay tuned for my last post on Medan. Soon. Its bedtime. 🙂



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